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As Block Universe's community came from different cultures, nationalities, age groups, and religions, please follow these code of conduct to keep Block Universe as safe and friendly place to play, make sure that you:

= Keep your language family-friendly by avoid harassment and bullying.

= Be tolerant of others' beliefs, cultures, and nationalities.

= Avoid sexual content.

= Do NOT use hacks - speed hack, bot, macro, etc.

= Do NOT impersonate other players - including game developer, administrator, moderator, and other players, including phising websites.

= Do NOT scam other players - drop games, trust test, fake prizes, etc.

= Do NOT trade (buy/sell) any Block Universe related - accounts, items, planet outside of game currency (means trading for real money).

= Do NOT abuse in-game bugs or glitches.

= Do NOT ask for refund of purchases after consuming the diamonds.

= Do NOT abuse, spam, harass, bully game staff as they work hard to keep the game safe and friendly, and also enforce the rules.

= Register a VALID e-mail address to your account, and NEVER share it to anyone

 = Keep your password secret. We do NOT return stolen items. Never trust on any phising. Game staff NEVER ask for your password.

= REPORT hackers and scammers you see through current official e-mail address of Block Universe - which is

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